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Quinta de Ventozelo Vintage Porto 2003
Deep purple red when young, maturing to red brown with age. Intense ripe blackberries and sweet cassis fruit. Dense, rich fruit and tannins and a long, powerful finish. Drink when released if you like young fruity Ports. In normal years, it will develop for 15-20 years; in exceptional years, up to a century. Once open, drink within 1 day (old Ports) or 1 week (young Ports). Serve with blue cheese, mature cheddar, nuts, chocolate and coffee desserts. Fermentation takes place in traditional lagares at the Quinta. Grapes are foot-crushed, without de-stemming: grape skins and stems are mixed with the must to extract the maximum amount of aromas, color and flavors. When the ideal residual sugar levels are achieved, the young wine is fortified by adding 100% natural grape brandy, stopping the alcoholic fermentation and preserving the grape natural sugars. Barrel-ageing: In stainless steel tanks for 2 years, to preserve the maximum purity of the wine. Filtration: None. The wine is bottled without filtration at Quinta de Ventozelo.
Country: Portugal
Region: Douro more
Grape Varietal: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cao

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