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Casa de Vila Verde

Located in the town of Lousada in the Vinho Verde region, Casa de Vila Verde is one of Portugal's oldest estates. The same family has been producing wine on the estate since the middle of the 17th century. The winery was completely modernized in 1996, adapting advanced technologies to the traditions of the region. The winery currently has 40 hectares under cultivation characterized by granitic soil, poor in organic matter and slightly acidic. Unlike many Vinho Verdes currently on the market which are non-vintage and coop produced, Casa de Vila Verde is a true estate wine. All grapes are grown at the winery, and the different grape varieties are harvested individually taking into consideration the climate, soil type and ripeness of each. Each year this special wine is produced from the best combination of the different varietals. The result is a Vinho Verde that is more complex and elegant than anything else in its category.

Casa de Vila Verde Vinho Verde

Casa de Vila Verde Alvarinho
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