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Signature Imports 

Since our beginning, the Signature Imports team has traveled the Iberian Peninsula looking for fine wines to bring to the North American market. Starting with a mission to find high quality, undiscovered wines that provide great value to the consumer, we began to focus on a number of key regions that were relatively unknown to the North American market.  A large part of our portfolio centers on Portugal, and for very good reason. There is an important story to be told about Portugal – indigenous grape varieties, old vines, and a passionate and skilled group of vintners. The Portuguese are clearly dedicated to preserving regional authenticity and style while satisfying any critical and worldly palate. We are continuing to generate excitement over the rich vibrant flavors, soft textures and pure fruit aromas of the wines we have discovered in cellars from Alentejo to the Douro Valley.


Natural progression took us to the wine regions of Spain. Certainly, wine from Rioja has long provided Spain with a strong introduction to the global wine market. However, Spanish wine has only recently begun to receive its due recognition in the international wine market. These are very exciting times for the Spanish wine industry, with new regions and wineries emerging every day. We embrace the modern approach these winemakers are taking with their wines.


Due to our focus upon the Iberian Peninsula and particularly Portugal, it is only natural that we decided to add a high quality Cachaca to our portfolio.  This unique Brazilian sugarcane spirit is the main ingredient in the popular Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha.  Although new to U.S. consumers, this spirit is beginning to generate excitement and bring a little bit of Brazil to the nightclub scene.


What unites these emerging regions is their ability to produce world-class wines and spirits at hard-to-resist prices.  Given the amount of wine and spirits currently available in the market, we have found that these wines provide an excellent ratio of flavor per dollar. We are confident you will agree that all of our products do just that.


We invite you to share our enthusiasm for the wines described in the following pages, and to discover the new world of quality and value represented by each. We are proud to place our signatures on this collection.

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