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Caipirinha Recipe
Cachaça from Brazil

Cachaça, Brazil’s most popular spirit, is unknown to many outside Brazil. The cultural significance of cachaça, a distilled liquor, ranks among soccer, carnival, and samba. Although non-Brazilians compare cachaça to rum, their only similarity is that they both originate from sugarcane. Brazilian cachaça exports to Europe and the United States have been aided by the trendy drink, the caipirinha, made with lime, sugar and ice.

Country: Brazil
Region: Sao Paulo
Product Description:
Distilled from pressed sugar cane juice, cachaça (kha-sha-sa) is a refined spirit with a unique taste. Cachaça is distinct from rum which is distilled from molasses. Cachaça Da Roça offers great quality  at very competitive price versus other brands in the market. Drink Cachça Da Roça in cocktails or straight on the rocks with a twist!

Producer Information:
For three decades, the Paris family has been devoted to producing one of Brazil's best sugar cane spirits in the small town of Rio das Pedras, in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo, the heartland of Brazil's best sugar cane plantations. Cachaça da Roça is the best selling brand in the state and city of Rio de Janeiro. The phrase da Roça means this cachaca is "from farm country."
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